In case you’re new here. Hi! My name is Lex. I’m a Laravel developer from Spijkenisse. I absolutely love to create websites and webapplications in my spare time and Laravel is the framework I prefer to work with. Until now I have always worked in Symfony at work because that was the standard within the company. If you’re interested in my experience in Symfony, be sure to check out that page.


My first big project that I made in Laravel was Nextwheel. A small disclaimer in advance: unfortunately Nextwheel never got off the ground. In my first year of Computer Science, Luke and I have been approached by two men from Industrial Engineering and Management for a collaboration. They had the great idea of ​​setting up an internet platform for second-hand bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. However, they did not have the technical knowledge to set it up.

That’s where we came in. Because we had a lot of free time in addition to our study, this seemed like a great project to earn some extra money in the future. The four of us registered at the Chamber of Commerce. We spent a year working hard to develop the platform to perfection. The marketing part was going to be handled by our two partners, but unfortunately this never happened. Therefore, we decided to put a stop to Nextwheel at one point.

One might argue that this has been a huge waste of our time, but I disagree. By setting up Nextwheel I have learned so much about software development. Partly through all kinds of articles by Freek van der Herten, I learned a lot about certain software architectures in Laravel.

If I look back at my code that I wrote at the time, I would prefer to rewrite the entire platform at the moment. I now have so much more knowledge of what Laravel has to offer and which techniques do and do not work. Nowadays we even offer our own techniques in the form of a Laravel package. If you want to learn more about that, be sure to check out my post on Laravel Resource Abilities. That is a package that I’m quite proud of at the moment.


In conclusion, if you’re interested in my latest news stories about Laravel, check out the tag page especially for posts about Laravel.

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