Founding AgilePixels

Here we go. The story of our own company called AgilePixels. Let me start at the beginning. Me and my buddy Luke Hol started studying Computer Science at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2017. You should be able to follow this study without any prior knowledge of Computer Science. That’s why the first year started quite easily (one quick note: the rest of the years were quite easy too…).

Friends around us were interested in the fact that we were studying Computer Science and asked us if we could set up a website for them. In the first case that was of course no problem. But it slowly started to become a lot at the same time. Hence the joke: “We can almost start a business”. That turned out to be less of a joke than expected, because after the serious answer “Yes let’s just do that” it was all arranged within a few weeks.

The biggest problem, however, was coming up with a name. The domains of almost all decent names were already taken, and our website is precisely what we need to excel at.

Lex de Willigen
I am a software engineer from Spijkenisse. I mainly focus on web development, specifically using Laravel, Vue.js and Inertia.js.

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