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I try to stay up-to-date with the latest development techniques.

A Software Engineer from Spijkenisse.

Hello! My name is Lex de Willigen. I was born and raised in Spijkenisse and have been active as a web developer for over 10 years. When I finish my Computer Science degree at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I can officially crown myself a Software Engineer.
Portretfoto Lex de Willigen

My development stack

Below are a number of techniques that I enjoy working with. I closely follow all of the latest developments in the Laravel framework and sometimes try to provide useful pull requests to the framework itself. Therefore, I have the most experience working with the Laravel framework.  I’ve also been working in Symfony for a number of years at Developers.nl. Recently I started moving to the frontend side and tried to get more convenient with Vue.js.

Am I the match for you?

Are you looking for a Software Engineer in Spijkenisse, or maybe somewhere close, who has my experience? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

What the people I work with and for think of me.

It is nice to work with Lex. He always has his affairs in order. Deadlines are always met and we quickly agreed on difficult decisions.

Luke Hol

Co-founder AgilePixels

Lex is very enthusiastic colleague to work with. He is not afraid to take up work, responds well to criticisms and has developed into a valuable colleague!

Maarten de Boer

Managing Director

When the website was ready, I got a clear explanation about the websites functioning. If I can't quite figure it out, I just have to ask and it'll be arranged.

Nancy van der Walle


Lex has made several great systems that are used on the Ring van Putten. These were used, for example, for the teacher- and charity day.

Bart de Ruiter

Teacher Computer Science

My work experience

I have worked for various companies. For my complete work history I would like to refer you to my LinkedIn. But since you’re already here, I’ll share my most interesting jobs with you.

Internship Developers.nl

At Developers.nl I started as a 3rd year intern. After that I continued to work as a part-time employee and now I started my graduation internship here.

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  • Internship Developers.nl
  • Co-Founder of AgilePixels

    In April 2018 I started my own company together with Luke. At AgilePixels we develop custom web applications and websites.

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  • Co-Founder of AgilePixels
  • Kinder Vakantie Spelen

    Since 2015 I have been an annual volunteer at the KVS foundation. Every year during the summer holidays we ensure that we offer children of parents with less money a nice holiday.

  • Kinder Vakantie Spelen
    • Latest news

      Stay updated with my latest blogs and digital news by reading my articles. Feel free to send me your feedback! I try to keep my posts up to date as much as possible and to keep you informed about my life, but if you're a real software engineer you should recognize this: I am always short of time.
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      If you build a web application with a separate frontend and backend, all kinds of […]

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      Internship Developers.nl

      At Developers.nl I started as a 3rd year intern. After that I continued to work as a […]

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      Founding AgilePixels

      Here we go. The story of our own company called AgilePixels. Let me start at […]

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      Software Engineer.

      Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

      Email: lexdewilligen@outlook.com
      Phone: +31 6 27 58 21 27
      Give me a call or drop by anytime, I endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.